Fixing Our Foundation

“Broken things can be mended, but there is always a scar.”

-Rebecca Forster, Hostile Witness

I am covered with scars; some are visible, while the rest are hidden deep within. We all have scars; we all have been broken. It is, in my opinion, what makes us relatable to one another. Like the foundation in a home, we all harbor an infrastructure within us that helps us stand.  According to Max Alexander, a foundation should not only hold the house above the ground, but also protect it from extreme conditions. A proper foundation should resist the movement of the earth. It should insulate us from the cold and prevent moisture from seeping through. Our foundation helps us weather the storm and remain intact.

Yet, what about homes with faulty foundations? A major concern many homebuyers have is a home with a damaged foundation. It scares them. However, we all have cracked foundations. Our experiences, reactions, and choices all meld together to form our foundation. We can choose to rise above what has transpired or become crippled by it; we can choose to repair that crack or ignore it and let it spread.

Speaking from personal experience, allowing something to fester leads to your own destruction. We all have hurts and bad habits that slowly chip away at our foundation. The key ingredient to preserving our foundation is God and love. God is our Savior; he is our salvation. But not everyone has experienced God. I, myself, was an atheist for 11 years. It was a rough 11 years and I only endured because of the love my family and friends showered me with.

Sadly, not everyone can be so fortunate. Love is a beautiful thing. It has the power to heal us. Let us share our love with one another and help to repair our foundations. United as one, we can pour concrete over those fractures and become strong once more. We are not perfect, nor will we ever be. Expecting perfection from each other is unrealistic. We are all fixer uppers, so let us embrace one another for who we are. As my pastor said today, “Let us build ourselves on the truth of His words.”

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

-Mark 12:31

P.S. Over the next two weeks, I plan to write a two part blog series on God, atheism, and depression.


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